Foundation Stage 1 & 2

We are holding an open afternoon on Wednesday 9th May 1-3pm for our Foundation Stage. You are welcome to come and have a look around our Foundation unit and meet the staff.

On Monday 4th December families of Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 are invited to take part in the K’Nex Challenge between 3:00-4:00PM. 

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In Foundation Two we do Read Write Inc everyday, this is when we learn our letter sounds and how to blend them together. This then gives us the skills to read and write and spell words. Have a look at our groups and how we use these skills to read and make words.         […]

Depending on the groups and the activities being done at school, homework packs will be sent home when appropriate. However, if you have access to the internet and a computer or tablet children can access different websites to practice their skills. Phonics Play is a good phonics activity website. Top Marks is a good website to find […]

In Foundation we like to be creative we, make, draw, paint, build and role play lots of different things.            

Maths in Foundation covers lots of different things, including, numbers, shapes, size, patterns, time and money. These are just a few photos of some of the activities we have been doing this term.   

In Foundation Stage we have been doing lots of activities to strengthen our fingers and muscles to help us hold a pencil and write. These are just some of the activities out in the classrooms to help us.  

We start mark making at an early stage in Foundation, we then move onto writing when we are ready. We use lots of different things to write and mark make with. When we get writing we cannot be stopped!

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