Class 3/4

Welcome to Class 3/4!

Miss Whitehouse

The school day starts at 8:50am with the classroom doors opening at 8:45am. Registration is at 9:00am and learning starts immediately after. The school day ends at 3:05pm and children will need to be collected by an adult from the door that leads onto the bottom yard.

If you would like your child to be collected from school by someone other than yourself then you must inform the office staff or the classroom teacher.

Our learning so far

This term, Year 3 have learned all about the Anglo Saxons, Vikings and Normans in our topic called ‘Rule Britannia’. We kicked off our topic by chronologically ordering when each different group was in power in Britain. They were absolutely fascinated when we compared Anglo Saxons settlements to our houses today noticing how different they were and how the Saxons coped without things we have today. Year 3 then learned all about where each of the groups invaded in Britain and used an atlas to locate these places. It was interesting to find out that historians are still interested in these groups of people today when we learnt about Sutton Hoo. We discovered where Sutton Hoo was and uncovered what was under these mounds. We LOVED reading ‘Invasion’ by June Crebbin as it gave us a real insight into how the Battle of Hastings happened. From this, Year 3 have just finished writing a newspaper report about the day of the battle.

Current learning

Our next topic is ‘Mighty Metals’. We are going to enjoy lots of Science learning, for example, forces, magnets and electricity to find out which metals are strong or good conductors of electricity. Later in the term, we shall visit the Yorkshire Sculpture Park to discover how the sculptures were made, what artists used as their inspiration and looking into creating our own version of a sculpture.

Important days

PE – Our PE day is every Tuesday. Please ensure that children have both an indoor and an outdoor PE kit. We recommend that your child has their PE kit in school all week, just in case we manage to sneak an extra session in on a Friday!

Homework – Homework is handed out every Friday (when possible) and is due in the following Wednesday. Please ensure that you do your homework at home as it ensures that you get extra practice. It’s so important!