Class 5/6

Welcome to our Class 5/6 Page!

Miss Pearson and Mrs Britton

The school day starts at 8:50am with the classroom doors opening at 8:45am.

Registration is at 9:00am and learning starts immediately after. The school day ends at 3:05pm and children will need to be collected by an adult from the top of the yard.

In year 5 and 6, children are allowed to leave the classroom without an adult. If you would like your child to be able to leave the classroom without an adult, you will need to fill in a form and return it to school. Forms are available from the office.

If you would like your child to be collected from school by someone other than yourself then you must inform the office staff or the classroom teacher.


Our learning so far

So far, Year 5 have learned all about World War 2 which was a very interesting topic in the Autumn Term. They produced some lovely work and some interesting models as part of their homework. They also did some Science work on light and shadows. They worked well with their reading comprehensions related to the WW2 topic. The children enjoyed looking at artefacts from WW2 and enjoyed a variety of activities with ‘Scotty’ related to the topic. These involved strategy activities and the children enjoyed working together as part of a team.


Current learning

Our current topic is the life and work of Charles Darwin and the Science work is interdependence and adaptation. The children are also learning about different life cycles. The children are using books and the I-Pads to research information about the topic and they have produced timelines about the voyage of HMS Beagle and produced some mapwork related to the voyage. The children also enjoyed finding out about the life of Mary Anning as part of the topic.

At the moment the children are enjoying their music lessons which are focusing on samba music and again, they are working together in small groups and they are producing some fantastic work.

The children are also very enthusiastic about SFA which is taking place every day throughout school and they are working well individually, in pairs and as part of a team. They are really enjoying the team cheer!


Important days

PE – Our PE day is every Tuesday. Please ensure that children have both an indoor and an outdoor PE kit. We recommend that your child has their PE kit in school all week, just in case we manage to sneak an extra session in!

Homework – Homework is handed out every Friday and is due in

the following week. Please ensure that you do your homework at home as it

ensures that you get extra practice. It’s so important! The homework mainly focuses on Maths and English.

The children are also being encouraged to read every day at home and they should take a book home every day and bring it back to school the following day. Please help and encourage your child to read.

The children have all got a password to use Times Tables Rockstar and they are encouraged to practice their multiplication tables which will help increase the speed and accuracy of their mental calculations.

If you have any concerns, please feel free to speak to the class teacher or any member of staff.

Mrs I Duggan