Foundation Stage 1

Welcome to our Foundation Class Page!

Your child will be taught by Mrs Wilbourne. The school day starts at 8:45am until 11:45am. You say your goodbyes at the gate to the unit, so that we can gather the children on the carpet for the register. The children really benefit from this time with you, so please try to arrive on time.

We ask that parents wait in the bottom yard until we open the wooden gate. We operate a one-way system to collect the children. Please do not let your children play on the outdoor equipment after school.

Meet your Teachers

Hi! I’m Mrs Wilbourne and I’ve worked at Thrybergh for about 13 years. My favourite place to be is our Foundation Unit. I love to watch the new children arrive and then see how they grow and change over their very first year of school. It’s amazing! I like to share stories and my favourite book is ‘Barry, the Fish with Fingers’. I’m sure I’ll get the chance to read it to you this year. When I’m not at school, I love to walk or watch films. I also love to garden. I have some beautiful pink flowers in my garden that I think are magic. They open when it’s sunny and close up when it rains! I’m really looking forward to meeting you and getting to know all about you.

TP A Wilbourne Mrs

Mrs Wilbourne
Teaching Assistant

Our New Learning

Foundation aged children are constantly learning, by exploring their world, asking questions and most importantly, playing. Our ‘Success For All’ curriculum develops learning in a playful, varied and exciting way. In F1, we have a weekly theme, where we learn about the world, practise our counting and other maths skills and begin to develop good speaking and listening.

We cover a huge range of learning, from finding out about our senses, learning about communication and experiencing different kinds of music, through to learning about animals and plants and taking care of our world. We set up parts of the classrooms for different areas of learning, called ‘labs’. Children spend time in the labs every day, learning and playing together. We read great stories every day in our ‘Story Tree’ time. We also have daily teacher-led sessions for phonics, writing and maths. This year, we have a brand new outdoor learning zone and we can’t wait to let the children play and explore out there!