Y3/4 have worked incredibly hard in History. They have been developing their understanding of the BCE and CE eras and then applying their knowledge by sorting out a series of dates into chronological order. The children worked wonderfully in small groups and were able to discuss their ideas and reasoning as well ensuring that they […]

Y3/4 have worked hard in Science conducting a fair test experiment looking at conditions that seeds will grow in. They planted the seeds in compost, paper, sand, cotton wool, and then nothing to see what they needed to grow into a healthy plant. They then gave them all the same amount of water. I can’t […]

In year six we are refining our ‘stop and pass’ dribbling and tackling skills in hockey ready to move on to more competitive games. Great team spirit from everyone!

On Wednesday we had a brilliant presentation from a STEM Ambassador, Mark Hayes who spoke to us about plants and sustainability.

In Design and Technology Y3/4 TPS were given a design brief to build a small and portable greenhouse. We started by researching our product before looking carefully at the specification we had been given. Before we began building our greenhouse, we learnt how to use the equipment safely and what precautions we would need to […]

Y3/4 TPS were thrilled to participate in a wonderful first aid session. We learnt lots of useful information including why people choke and how to help someone who is choking. We also learnt how to prevent bleeding when someone has a deep cut and how to apply a bandage. Finally, we learnt how to respond […]

Recently we had the privilege of taking a mixture of Y4/5 children to the Queen’s Baton Relay in preparation for the Commonwealth Games. The Queen’s Baton Relay is an epic journey across the Commonwealth where it has visited Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, the Caribbean, and the Americas before travelling back to England to complete the final […]

This half term our DT project is to design and make a greenhouse. We worked together in a team to build a wooden frame and then attached the plastic to it. We hope they will help the plants to grow!

Class 2 really enjoyed playing the Glockenspiel in our Music lesson. It was really fun!

Our greenhouses are coming on really well- lots of reinforcement of our frame today!