Class 2

In our PSHE lessons, we have been learning how to keep ourselves healthy. This week we made a healthy snack. It was a yummy fruit kebab and they were delicious!
This week in our Geography we have been learning about map symbols and a key on a map. We looked at different maps and then we created our own map of the school playground.
Our DT project was to design and make a cushion for our reading area. We looked at different cushions, worked in a team to design our own, practiced our sewing skills, and then worked together to make the cushion. At the end, we evaluated them and thought about what we did well and how we [...]
In our Geography lessons, we have been learning about the Peak District. We went on a visit to Eyam and used our map skills to find our way around the village. We also identified the human and physical features that we have been learning about. In our History lessons, we have been learning about the [...]

Last week Class 2 went to visit St Leonard’s church in Thrybergh. We learnt all about Easter and how Christians celebrate. We even got to join in some readings, hymns, and prayers.

Last week we celebrated Science Week in school. We were trying to find out if our body parts get bigger as we get older. We measured different children's hands in school to help us find out the answer.
We loved celebrating World Book Day! We wore our pyjamas to school and shared our favourite book with the class. The Y6 children read a story to us and some of us entered our school competition to create a ‘story in a jar’ or ‘potato character’.
In DT this term we are designing and making a cushion. This week we have enjoyed learning how to sew!
In our PE lessons, we have been working together on our cheerleading skills. We have worked in a team to perform a canon, different jumps, and a stunt!
This week in Maths we are learning about money. We can recognise the different coins, add pence, add pounds and add pounds and pence together. We used the chromebooks to look at the toy and select the coins that we need to pay for the item.