Class 2

This half term our DT project is to design and make a greenhouse. We worked together in a team to build a wooden frame and then attached the plastic to it. We hope they will help the plants to grow!

Class 2 really enjoyed playing the Glockenspiel in our Music lesson. It was really fun!

In our Science lesson, Class 2 have been investigating what plants need to grow. We planted five sunflower seeds and tested them in different conditions to find out what they need to grow and be healthy. We found out that plants need water, light and the correct temperature. Look at the plants! Which one do […]

Last week, everyone in Class 2 received a gorgeous book for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.  They are very special!

We had a fantastic afternoon celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. We made flags and crowns and enjoyed a delicious afternoon tea!
In our Science lesson we have been looking at seeds and bulbs. We talked about the conditions they need to grow and then we planted our own sunflowers.
In our PSHE lessons, we have been learning how to keep ourselves healthy. This week we made a healthy snack. It was a yummy fruit kebab and they were delicious!
This week in our Geography we have been learning about map symbols and a key on a map. We looked at different maps and then we created our own map of the school playground.
Our DT project was to design and make a cushion for our reading area. We looked at different cushions, worked in a team to design our own, practiced our sewing skills, and then worked together to make the cushion. At the end, we evaluated them and thought about what we did well and how we [...]
In our Geography lessons, we have been learning about the Peak District. We went on a visit to Eyam and used our map skills to find our way around the village. We also identified the human and physical features that we have been learning about. In our History lessons, we have been learning about the [...]