Class 3

On Tuesday we visited the Yorkshire Wildlife Park.  We had a fantastic day looking at all of the animals we had been learning about.  We even used our map to help find our way around.  What is your favourite animal? Previous Next

Over the last few weeks, we have completed our Design and Technology project. We were set the task of designing and making a money box for the WWF charity. We looked at different money boxes, created our own specifications for them, and designed our own. We then used our design to make our money box. [...]
This term we have been learning how to use Scratch JR in our ICT lessons. This is a coding program to create your own interactive stories and games. We have created our own background, created a sprite, and then used the different motion commands to make our sprite move. Some of us have even downloaded [...]
On Wednesday 19th May it was National Numeracy Day. We came to school wearing numbers and patterns. We watched a tricky dance from the National Numeracy Day website and we broke it down into simple steps so that we could learn it. It was tricky but we managed to do it! We also played some [...]
In our DT lessons Class, 3 looked at different fruit from Africa. We then used our cutting skills to create our own fruit salad. They were delicious!
In our Art lesson we used a variety of materials to make a collage of the pattern of an African animal. Have a look at some of our fantastic collages. Can you guess the animal?

This term, our topic is ‘On a Safari’. We went on a safari hunt around our school grounds and found lots of different African animals. We learnt the names of these animals and described what they look like.