Class 5

Our athletic ability has been on display this week as we perfected the baton change in relay. We really have some talented runners! 

Great work on fractions, decimals, and percentages in maths today!
On Wednesday we went to Lower Bradfield. Despite the terrible weather, we were able to look at the features of the landscape and see the area where The Sheffield Flood happened in 1864. The whole class had a brilliant attitude and we walked all the way around Damflask Resevoir!
Some great action shots from our gymnastics session today!
During our R.E. lesson today we looked at the importance of fasting during the Jewish celebration of Yom Kippur and we had chance to look at the Torah, the Jewish holy text - we were surprised how long it is!
This week Y5 is doing lots of science because it is British Science Week. Today we were able to work with some students from Sheffield University who explained the importance of science in our world. Then we made our own water filters and filtered the water. It was brilliant!
A lively lesson this afternoon preparing our templates ready for making our Indian prints. We can't wait to print next week!
As part of our learning about plants we have been dissecting flowering plants and closely studying their structure and the role each part of the flower takes in producing seeds. Excellent focus and carefully taking apart the flower meant we were able to understand exactly how the flower is the key to reproduction for the [...]
We celebrated the Lunar New Year by making miniature dragons. We have also been working hard on our bronze pledges!
Y5 have really been persevering with practical maths converting mixed numbers to improper fractions using cubes. Fantastic learning from everyone!