Year 2

Last week in SFA we really enjoyed reading different play scripts and performing our favourite one. We put lots of effort into changing our voices to suit our character and using the stage directions to put actions to our performance.
We had a wonderful day at Thrybergh Country Park as a treat for working so hard during SATs!
We thought carefully about mixing the colours we needed to paint a picture of one of the endangered species we had researched.
We loved using the Switchzoo programme on the computer to create a brand new African animal. We then used Tuxpaint to recreate our animals.
We used oil pastel to draw our favourite scene from Handa's Suprise. We thought carefully about the colours we could see in the pictures and tried to use different sized lines to add texture.
We enjoyed making a fruit salad using some of the fruits from Handa's Surprise. We then wrote our own instructions so that we can teach others how to make a fruit salad.
Last week we cut, tore and glued a combination of materials to create a collage of a pirate.
Year 2 had lots of fun celebrating World Book Day earlier this month!
We really enjoyed being rockstars for the day and challenging ourselves on the TT Rockstars website! We're getting really good at our 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables. Now we have our personal log-ins we can keep playing at home.
We worked really hard using oil pastels to create drawings of different sea creatures. We concentrated on drawing lines of different sizes and thickness. We also tried to show pattern and texture by adding dots and lines.