Last week we received an unusual gift from someone called Sam. The gift came on a plate and covered in tin foil. We predicted what it might be. When we removed the foil we were shocked to see a disgusting sandwich filled with mini beasts! No one wanted to eat the sandwich! We decided to [...]
In Science we have been learning about hygiene. We put special bug gel on our hands and then put them under a germ light so that we could see all of the germs on our hands. After that, we washed our hands thoroughly and then put them back under the germ light to see if [...]
Woodpeckers enjoyed preparing a delicious salad in D&T recently!
We really enjoyed taking part in the sponsored event! It was great to meet athlete Caroline Buckle!
With our attendance money, we decided to design and make our own ice-cream sundaes. We chose what we wanted on our ice-creams and then made them. they were delicious!
This week we planted our own Sunflower seeds. We can't wait to take them home next week and watch them grow over the holidays!
On Monday it was our Family Learning. Thank you to all the adults who came and helped us. We enjoyed completing the water experiment and then making flowers!
On Thursday it was our sports day. It was a hot day but we all worked super hard and loved joining in all of the activities! Some of the activities tested our physical skills and some of them we had to really think about.
In our Science class we have started to learn about plants. We walked around our school grounds to see what plants we could find.
Well done to our stars of the week! The 2 boys wrote a fantastic diary entry for Superworm and tried hard with their spellings. Well done!

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