Year 3

We love to read in Class 3 - here we are reading to a partner.
After learning about the sculptor Henry Moore, Class 3 have designed their own sculpture inspired by him looking at a variety of his sculptures. Then we have used foil to mold it into the shapes to create our own sculpture.
Class 3 have had fun in maths by using fractions number lines to count forwards or backwards.
In Maths, we are learning about fractions. Some of us have used numicon to identify the fraction of a shape and also what fraction could make a whole.
After understanding how circuits work, Class 3 made their own buzzer games in D&T. They worked collaboratively to design and then make the games.
Class 3 have started their topic of Mighty Metals looking at electricity. We predicted if certain circuits would work and then constructed them to see if we were right.
In Class 3, we practice our spellings in lots of different ways including using shaving foam!
Class 3 enjoyed reenacting the Battle of Hastings to end the topic of 'Rule Britannia'
We are coming to the end of our topic 'Rule Britannia'. We have learnt lots about the Anglo Saxons, Vikings and Normans. Throughout the topic we have used atlases to locate where they invaded, written diary accounts as a Viking travelling to England and created our own Saxon Runes. In the last couple of weeks, [...]
Recently in Maths, Class 3 have learnt about money. They have identified each of the coins, used the coins to create different amounts and added and subtracted amounts of money.