Year 3

After dancing and playing games for their party Class 3 enjoyed party food and music.
Class 3 enjoyed wearing Christmas jumpers to raise money for Rotherham Hospice and eating Christmas dinner.
Class 3 have been busy baking cookies for the Christmas Fayre. They enjoyed it very much!
This term our topic has been 'From Source to Sea'. Class 3 visited Austerfield to learn about the water cycle and how a river works. Our topic has involved finding world rivers, creating an explanation text about the features of a river and sorting animals that live by the water into groups. Also in Maths [...]
To find out about the Stone Age diet class 3 investigated some faeces that an archaeologist had discovered - Yuk!'

Some of the Puffins got to show off their amazing performance of Macbeth at the Civic in Rotherham.

Class 3’s rehearsals for their performance of Macbeth as part of the Shakespeare festival is coming along really well. We have some fantastic actors and actresses and a lot of effort being put into our practice. We can’t wait to get up on the stage at the Civic!

The puffins are baking superstars. All the hard work paid off when it came to tasting our American style pies. They were delicious!

The Puffin’s have had a wonderful day celebrating The Royal Wedding! We have come in our wedding attire, entered design competitions and enjoyed a lovely Royal afternoon tea!

The puffins have been studying famous American artist Andy Warhol. They researched and analysed his work. They then practised using the sprinting technique.