In Science today the Y2 children started an investigation to find out if plants do need water, light, soil, and the correct temperature to grow healthy. They predicted what they think will happen and we will observe them over the next few weeks to find out if they were right.

Yesterday Mrs Parry-McDermott came to read us a story. We absolutely loved this story it was all about helping people and not making people feel invisible.

During SFA today the children learnt what a Limerick is. They enjoyed listening to lots of different ones and are now going to begin to prepare writing their own poem. I’m sure you’ll agree that they are all working extremely hard looking at the pictures.

Year 6 had a great day at Crucial Crew. It was a great way of reminding the children about how to keep themselves and others safe and also made them think about the consequences of making wrong choice.

Last week, Class 4 enjoyed an amazing day out at Cleethorpes. Lots of fun was had by all and lots of wonderful memories were made! ❤️

This week we have been investigating solubility in science and completing our box projects. We’re really busy in class but very excited about our Prom and camping trip.

Class 4 have worked incredibly hard on the ‘Money Box Project’ they were given a design specification and worked hard to design a prototype and then developed this into a final design- well done, everyone!

Here we are working really hard creating our Memory Box designs.

This week we have had the most marvellous time in Y6! Not only have we done Laser Quest with Scotty but we have also been to Ulley and had a fabulous time kayaking and going in the rowing boats. We did have a few very soggy people by the end of the day!

A brilliant start to the week for Class 4- everyone worked hard at refining their tennis skills. Well done!