Success for All

What is Success For All?

Success for All is a whole school improvement programme that is helping us to:

  • Improve teaching and learning – focusing on literacy
  • enable children to maximise progress and to become highly-skilled, independent learners.
  • Secure sustainable improvement

Success for All is an evidence-based school improvement strategy. It is used to embed a consistent and dynamic approach to teaching and learning known as co-operative learning. Co-operative Learning is the bedrock of the entire programme. Used effectively, it will result in children who feel safe, relaxed and happy at school and who willingly work hard because they want to do well and make progress.

Co-operative Learning is based on five Co-operative Learning Behaviours that are explicitly modelled throughout school from Foundation Stage to Year 6 so that children develop excellent behaviour for learning. Positive feedback motivates children to consistently embed the strategies. In this way, Foundation children learn how to behave and learn and by Year 6 children have highly developed meta-cognitive skills.

The SFA programme is broken down into 4 main components.

  1. Curiosity Corner- Foundation Stage 1

Curiosity Corner provides the structure in which young children thrive. Curiosity themes introduce children to a wide range of explicitly taught concepts and linked vocabulary. The programme includes short whole-class teaching sessions introducing the theme, maths concepts, rhymes/phonemic awareness, and theme related texts. High quality continuous provision activities enable children to engage in exploratory learning, consolidating and developing skills.

  1. Kinder Corner- Foundations Stage 2

Kinder Corner’s fortnightly themes introduce a wide range of engaging, exciting concepts (e.g. day and night are the result of the earth orbiting the sun). Themes build knowledge and vocabulary essential for successful comprehension in Key Stages 1 and 2. The programme covers all areas of the curriculum. The day is structured to ensure that children gain the many skills required to be ‘school ready’. Children thoroughly enjoy the structure, pace, clarity and challenge of the programme. Children have an opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills through a range of structured and unstructured ‘Learning Labs’ (our term for continuous provision) that ‘scream the theme’ to consolidate understanding of concepts and associated vocabulary.

  1. Roots

Roots offers daily lessons in reading, writing, spelling, punctuation and grammar. Roots is based on years of evidence-based practice and research that explicitly links synthetic phonics sounds and skills to children’s reading and writing tasks. Children are given a ‘jump start’ in letter sound correspondence and blending, which forms the basis for sentence-level reading and spelling. Children in Roots receive targeted phonics instruction; individual and partner reading; a guided story session with their teacher, and a writing task designed to showcase their understanding of genre and grammar

  1. Wings

Wings offers daily lessons in reading, writing, spelling, punctuation and grammar. It supports and challenges both basic and more competent readers to develop their skills through reading a wide range of carefully selected texts. The Wings curriculum is based entirely around real books by famous authors with over 100+ units ranging from one to four weeks long in a wide variety of genres from fiction to non-fiction, poetry to plays, classical extracts to digital e-texts. Children read the entire book and complete a weekly writing tasks matched to the book’s genre and grammar focus. Wings supports teachers in developing essential KS2 literacy skills such as inference, deduction, summarisation, prediction and questioning. The programme also comes with Extended Writing Modules and Grammar for Editing manuals designed to teach classes how to write across all the major genres and edit their work accordingly.

Daily Routines

The Curiosity and Kinder programme runs for the full day, covering all areas of the curriculum. Children accessing Roots and Wings have a 90 minute SfA session every day.