Welcome to Thrybergh Primary School

All the staff at Thrybergh Primary School extend a very warm welcome to the children who attend our school and hope that the time they spend here with us will be very happy and very rewarding.

We also guarantee a warm welcome to all parents, carers and visitors.

The school prides itself on meeting the individual needs of all children through a broad, engaging and well balanced curriculum.

Thrybergh Primary School is committed to being an all ability, inclusive school that lies within the heart of the community it serves.

We believe that the education of your child is a genuine team effort and parents and carers are a very important member of that team. You are the most important people to your child and your support and co-operation are essential if we are to create a caring, exciting and meaningful place for your child to learn.

Mrs R Parry-McDermott – Headteacher

In school, we are very concerned about attainment and progress and do all we can to breakdown any potential barriers to learning to ensure your child makes as much progress as they can.

I know we all share the same aims and aspirations for your children for the future, whatever that may be.

Going to school is such an important part of a child’s life, and the information contained within this website is designed to help parent’s be better informed about the life of the school.