“We aim to send all young people into an ever-changing world able and qualified to play their full part in it.”


to Year 4/5

TP Claire Pearson

Miss Pearson

TP Kaye Burnett 200-200

Mrs Burnett

Meet your teachers

Miss pearson

Hello everyone, I’m Miss Pearson and I’m going to be your class teacher next year alongside Mrs Burnett. I know most of you know me very well already but I thought I’d write a little of information about myself, just in case you’ve forgot! I’ve been a teacher for around 13 years now and I absolutely love watching you all grow and learn.

When I’m not at school, I’m at home with my daughter Ava and step-daughter Paris. Ava is eight years old and Paris is almost twenty years old. I also have a dog, he is a four-year-old Patterdale Terrier called Dave- I really enjoy taking him on long walks and snuggling up on the sofa with him. If I’m not out walking Dave you’ll often find me watching Ava horse riding or spending time with my family or friends.
My favourite season is winter because I love it when it snows and I absolutely adore Christmas and decorating my house with lots of sparkly lights. I have loved spending this year with you all and I cannot wait to continue our journey together next year.

Have a wonderful summer!

mRs burnett

Hello everyone, My Name is Mrs Burnett and I’m going to be your teacher alongside Miss Pearson in September. I’m extremely excited to meet you all and have heard lots of lovely things from Miss Pearson. I’m certain that we’re going to have a wonderful time together.

I thought I’d write a little bit to introduce myself before the new school term starts in September. I’ve been a teacher for a long time now and my favourite subject is Music- I play the piano and love to sing too. I’m hoping that this is something that we can do lots of together.

When I’m not at school, I like to spend time with my family and friends. I have one grown up son called Elliot- he’s a triathlete and travels all across the world competing in different races! I also have a Dachshund dog called Benji, he’s very funny and loves to go on long walks whist carrying extremely big sticks.

I hope you all have a fantastic l summer and I cannot wait to get to know you all in September!

Meet your teaching assistants

Mrs Slater (1)

Mrs slater

Hi, My name is Mrs Slater, my role in school is to work across key stage 2 but I mainly work in year 6. I deliver intervention groups and I do before and after school booster groups.

When I’m not in school I enjoy watching films and relaxing at home. I love spending time with my family especially my Granddaughter Nellie, we have lots of fun.

mRs thomas

My name is Mrs Thomas, here is a little bit of information to introduce myself.

I have worked at Thrybergh primary for many years. I’m currently working in KS2. My role is to support the class teacher. I also deliver intervention groups and do before and after school booster clubs.

When I am not at school I love to read and spend time with my family. I am a mum to four adult daughters and a Nannan to 5 grandchildren who I adore. I love spending days out with them, we have lots of fun.


Class Information

Welcome to Class 4/5. Your child’s teachers are Miss Pearson, Mrs Burnett. Our class teaching assistant is Mrs Thomas. Miss Pearson will be your child’s class teacher from Monday through to Wednesday lunchtime and then Mrs Burnett will be the class teacher from Wednesday afternoon onwards. Mrs Thomas will be in class all week to help support with learning and run any interventions that we feel your child may benefit from. We are extremely proud of our team and we are looking forward to your child joining our class.

The school day starts at 8:40am and learning starts immediately after so it is vital that your child arrives on time. The school day ends at 3:15pm and children will need to be collected by an adult from the door that leads onto the bottom yard. 

Areas of Learning

We have an exciting curriculum planned and the children will be taught exciting lessons which will enable them to become geographers, historians, scientists to name just a few. We have planned some wonderful learning opportunities for the children and will hopefully be able to take part in some exciting class visits to further support our learning back at school.

Homework – Homework is handed out every Wednesday (when possible) and must be returned the following Monday. Please ensure that you do your homework at home as it ensures that you get extra practice. It’s so important! Homework will consist of spellings, reading and timetable practice using TTRockstars. Children will also have a termly topic project to complete which
hopefully will encourage them to be imaginative and creative.

Reading – We encourage your child to read at least 10 minutes a day.

Class News

Thrybergh White

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