The Puffin and Parrot classes have worked so hard over the past few weeks to create an amazing performance for families and the school.

Well done to the group of children that went to Tankersley Manor to represent Thrybergh Primary at this year’s Enterprise Challenge.

St Johns ambulance came in to visit us and teach us some important first aid skills.

St. Johns Ambulance Service will be coming into school on Monday 20th November to teach the children basic first aid.

Parrot class have had yet more fun in Science! Today, the children were asked to use what they have learnt to generate answers to the question “why do we burp?”. They were then given a straw and a balloon to act as the esophagus and the stomach to demonstrate what happens.

Puffin and Parrot class would like to invite their families to their family learning day on Thursday 26th October. For this event, we will be helping children tell the time by making a clock face.

Parrot class are having great fun learning how to play the ukulele! 

What a wonderful day! Last week, Parrot Class worked with the ‘Louder than Life’ team during a music enterprise day.

How far does your food travel from your mouth to your bottom?! Parrot Class have been finding out!

Class 4 made poop to see exactly how the digestive system works! ​

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