We are very excited to announce that Class 3 and Class 4 will be taking part in the Rotherham Shakespeare Festival this year (more details to follow). Today, class 4 had their first drama workshop. We have plenty of budding actors amongst us!

What an amazing experience! Class 4 had a truly wonderful day at Manchester Airport this week.

Class 3 and 4’s have recently enjoyed a woodland trip, this was them singing camp songs around the fire.

Parrot Class had so much fun exploring the woods, playing games, building lairs and using natural resources to make potions! The day ended with hot chocolate and songs by the campfire.

Come and join us on Thursday 1st February from 9-10:30am to travel around the world in 80 days! We will be following the storyline where the travellers meet Hindu worshippers and making Lord Ganesh masks, the god of success and fortune.

The Puffin and Parrot classes have worked so hard over the past few weeks to create an amazing performance for families and the school.

Well done to the group of children that went to Tankersley Manor to represent Thrybergh Primary at this year’s Enterprise Challenge.

St Johns ambulance came in to visit us and teach us some important first aid skills.

St. Johns Ambulance Service will be coming into school on Monday 20th November to teach the children basic first aid.

Parrot class have had yet more fun in Science! Today, the children were asked to use what they have learnt to generate answers to the question “why do we burp?”. They were then given a straw and a balloon to act as the esophagus and the stomach to demonstrate what happens.

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