Class 6

On Thursday 10th December we had a great day in Y6!

Year Six have been learning lyrics and actions in music and working really hard to improve their writing skills. Keep up the good work, Year Six!

To all of our Y6 pupils, We wish you the best of luck at secondary school and we hope you have a lovely summer. Love from Team Thrybergh xxx
More information about Transition is available on the Thrybergh Academy website here.
Here are some photos of our Year 6's, who have returned to school over the last week.
Thrybergh Academy has announced their Y6 Transition Programme - 'Step Into Thrybergh' is coming soon. They’ll be sharing a full programme of events soon. If you are a parent/carer of a child who will be joining them in September 2020 then please join the following group On here there will be specific messages around transition.  They [...]
Year 5/6 got busy on Friday testing the acidity and alkalinity of different liquids as part of our science investigations during British Science Week - a great time was had by all using the litmus paper!
As part of our topic on the blood and circulation class 5/6 have been dissecting pig hearts and identifying the chambers of the heart and major blood vessels. We have some surgeons in the making. There was some fantastic learning going on - Great Gruesome Science - Well Done Y5/6!
Class 5/6 have been having a great time learning all about the heart as part of their topic ‘Blood Heart’. Today, they have identified the main parts of the heart.
Here are Y6 working really hard on their grammar and punctuation. We had some great group discussions about how commas can change the meaning of a sentence.