“We aim to send all young people into an ever-changing world able and qualified to play their full part in it.”

Year 5/6 Artist Study

In Art we have been learning about the work of Caroline Appleyard. We have identified her style of painting and used this to create our own art work. We are now beginning to build up layers of colour in our paintings. It is much more complicated than it looks and everyone has really tried hard […]

Y5/6 Hockey

This morning we have practiced our dribbling, stop and pass and built up into using tackling and shooting in small sided games – excellent team spirit and everyone was learning and practising their skills! Brilliant work from everyone! 

Year 5/6 Investigate Light

In Science this week we have been investigating the way light travels and reflects. We have found out that light travels in straight lines and bounces off reflective surfaces. Fantastic use of equipment and brilliant perseverance from everyone.

Class 4-5’s New Art Topic

Our learning in Art this half term is based on Anglo Saxon masks. We have found out what they were made from and how they were decorated. Last week closely observed some of the features and used our sketching skills to draw what we saw. Well done Year 4/5 for following the Thrybergh Way and never giving […]

Class 4-5 Learn About African Music

We have been learning about African music and this week we used xylophones to accompany our singing. We worked in pairs respectfully and tried hard to follow the correct notes. Well done Year 4/5 for yet again demonstrating the Thrybergh Way!

Year 2 Super Science

In Science this week, Year 2 have been learning all about different light sources and how electricity can power some sources of light. Year 2 conducted an experiment and created their very own circuit. They had to work as a team and listen to instructions very carefully. What a fantastic lesson we had and all […]

Numeracy Skills with Class 5/6

In our numeracy lesson this week we have been ordering and comparing larger numbers using lots of different resources. We found digit cards and squashy number boxes very useful. Some great focus from everyone!

Crucial Crew Visit

On Tuesday we paid a visit to Crucial Crew at the Lifewise Centre in Hellaby. We learnt all about the warning signs and dangers of Child Criminal Exploitation and how young people are sometimes persuaded to do things by people who pretend to be ‘friends’. Then we learnt about discrimination, knife and hate crime. Later […]

Hockey Practice for Y4/5

Last week we started to practice our hockey skills by dribbling the ball in different directions and learning how to hold the stick correctly. We worked together respectfully and tried hard to improve. 

Y4/5 Science Team Work

Last week in Science we have shown amazing team work skills and worked as scientists to find out and explain how sounds are made.